What’s important is the message, not the messenger - Greta Thunberg

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What’s important is the message, not the messenger - 

Greta Thunberg

By Cecilia Velazquez & Translated by Daryl Stephenson

On August 20, 2018, an introverted 15-year-old girl, Greta Thunberg, decided not to go to school and made history. Very early that morning, she sat in front of the headquarters of the National Parliament of Sweden in Stockholm, armed with a sign that said, “School Strike for Climate.” This lonely strike was the beginning of a protest for a good cause and its message should make us all reflect.
Now a year later at 16, this teenager rubs shoulders with the world’s leading leaders, such as Angela Merkel, Pope Francis and Barack Obama, as well as with public figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I applaud this girl myself, because her fight is grounded in the reality of climate change and the destruction on this planet from pollution. The melting glaciers represent a sign that we are destroying the planet through our consumerism that gives us the false belief that the earth’s resources are endless.  But all we have to do is just watch the videos  of  garbage  in  the  sea  to realize how marine species die from our irresponsibility. 
As supposedly rational and civilized beings, we need to understand that we must start by changing our consumption habits.
But behind the struggle of Greta Thunberg, some doubts have arisen about her credibility. It starts with the fact that, just one week after her lonely strike, her mother, a famous opera singer in Sweden, published a book that is being sold today and has been translated into several languages. The cover of the book shows Greta herself with her poster outside Parliament. I cannot judge whether this was mere coincidence or was part of an advertising campaign to sell her mother’s book. And this young lady is accompanied and sponsored by people with power who have an interest ... a great interest, both political and economic.
News media with an opposite editorial line began to dig a little to bring to light the interests of the people who sponsored this young woman and found some quite disturbing details which  led to some quite hard and interesting reflections.
The assertion was that what should have been a protest for the good of humanity apparently began a good publicity campaign for the sale of her mother’s book as well as an attempt to fatten the bank accounts of a few interested in the matter.
At this point, I don’t want to blame Greta for her intentions.  I want to continue believing that her intentions were, at least in the beginning, quite honest. We can’t blame this young lady for having been used by others. Let’s not be so cruel to her. Rather, we must be critical of those who have used her as a puppet.
Rather than criticizing Greta, we must criticize the opportunists who appeared in the midst of her fame. Greta’s message, even though she is surrounded by less honest people, should shame us all and make us more responsible, so that future generations, the generations of our children and grandchildren, have a place with good conditions to live.
But there is a problem when Greta receives the Nobel Peace Prize and her speech goes down in history, just like the speech of the girl who silenced the world in 1992 or the message of Malala Yousafzai, the other girl in 2014 who received the Nobel. Their messages only served to fill headlines in the newspapers. Today both live almost in oblivion and the world remains the same or worse.
The change must begin with ourselves. In 1992, Severns Cullis Suzuki was nicknamed the girl who silenced the world, due to a speech she delivered at “The Earth Summit” in Rio de Janeiro. This girl made the same call to the world that Greta repeats today. In the years since, have governments and companies taken action? During that speech, there were faces of concern  from some leaders who almost cried in the room, but then they did nothing for change.
“I am here to speak on behalf of hungry children around the world, whose crying nobody listens to. I am afraid of going out in the sun because of the hole in the ozone layer. I’m afraid to breathe the air, because I don’t know what chemicals are in it. I’m just a girl and I don’t have all the solutions. If you don’t know how to fix it, please stop destroying it!”
Greta Thunberg has become the visible head of the fight against climate change, with the same moving speech of 30 years ago. Thunberg arrived in New York after a two-week trip aboard a ship with zero CO2 emissions to raise awareness about the polluting effect of airplanes. Her journey across the Atlantic lasted 14 days and left no trace of carbon. However, that ship is used in yacht races worldwide, has a cost of 5 million euros and, according to some, would have cost about € 40,000 to make the trip.
How can a 16-year-old teenager with such noble intentions divide so much public opinion? The Internet both made her famous and showed that, behind her success, there were people with not-so-noble intentions. But this scandal is not because of her. She is just a girl and the protagonist in this whole matter of manipulation.  Greta appears in the newspapers practically every day and although she acknowledges that the environmental crisis is not about her, ironically everything keeps turning around her.
That, in the end, distracts from the really important thing, some analysts reflect. In the short term, Greta’s speech will have a great effect because it puts the issue of climate change at the center of debate. But in the long term, there will be no solutions because people like you or me will not change our consumption habits. Greta Thunberg shouting “We Have No Time” seems to be a lone voice against moneyed interests who are responsible for climate change.
Supporting Greta is an economic group that wants to seize wealth through the so-called “Green Energies,” an industrial business block that could be holding the party to a group that is behind the Fossil Energy Industry. That is to say that we would be talking about a change of economic power from one hand to another; that a priori does not seem to be able to solve the problem. Specifically, it appears that Greta is the voice of the elites of the environmental movement of a former Social Democratic Minister of Sweden that finances some of the main energy companies in his country.
What would be the purpose of this show?, These companies can access public contracts around the world so that they can be opened through so-called green policies. Therefore Greta is just the spearhead of a pressure strategy that seeks to generate specific business revenues. But let’s make things clear. “We have no time” is not a simple slogan from Greta. It’s from a company that has defined itself and intends to act on the climate crisis. Its founder is the Swedish economist Ingmar Rentzhog who uses this platform as a social network to boost the green economy.
No one imagined that the spontaneous protest of Thumberg a year ago had been coordinated well in advance by tycoon Ingmar Rentzhog and Bo Thoren, another climate activist and leader of a movement against fossil fuels. Thoren had been looking for fresh faces for his ecological campaigns for some time, and he came up with the idea of a school strike, inspired after youth demonstrations after the shooting at Parkland High School in Florida. Rentzhog also had met Malena Ernman, Greta’s mother, about three or four months earlier in a conference against climate change, held in Stockholm. Knowing that he had a book in his hands that was soon to be published, he began to work to shape and frame his network.
Greta was the victim without knowing it. Her mother made a living as an opera singer and came to represent Sweden at the Eurovision festival. She gave up her career to follow in the footsteps of her daughter, who was diagnosed with asperger syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder. Overnight, this lady became vegan and stopped traveling by plane, wrote a book and Greta was in charge of advertising without being aware of the fabric behind her. Rather than explain the reasons that led Greta to take sides in the environmental movement, some people think that the book betrays the corporate interests that hide behind the Greta phenomenon. Whether or not she is aware of this, this girl is the spearhead of a pressure strategy that seeks to generate specific business networks, several British newspapers say.
Greta’s father, Svante Thunberg, has also been the focus of suspicion. This former actor and producer served as his wife’s manager until his daughter began to give speeches all over the world.
From the ONU conference on climate change to the world economic forum, Greta’s mother now accompanies her everywhere, including the transatlantic crossing. She is responsible for managing her agenda, although she has apparently tried to keep her daughter out of the groups of power.
The good intentions that are presumed to Greta have not been able to stop the avalanche of criticism. While a crowd cheered Greta in a small marina south of Manhattan, in the social networks there were protests for her having used a sailboat owned by Pierre Casiraghi, better known as the son of Princess Carolina of Monaco, whose royal house is not known for its fight against climate change.
Behind the young prodigy are large capitals such as Bostadsfonden, one of Sweden’s greatest fortunes, the social heiress Democrat Kristina Persson; former club president of Rome, Anders Wijkman, Swedish businessman Petter Skogar and Catharina Nystedt Ringborg, who is linked to the energy sector. The young Swedish woman has also had contacts with the former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore, who is also linked to the Clinton family through its foundation. All this indicates that these businessmen and politicians want to keep the biggest piece of the cake, according to investigative journalist Cory Morningstar. What is at stake is about 100,000 million dollars.
If this is true, these companies, which want to make their revolution of clean energy, could hinder the lucrative business fossil energy advocates. So we are talking only about a change of hands of the imperialist economic hegemony by business groups of power.
That only has one intention, which is to make money without worrying about the great social problems of the world.
Afew weeks ago, Greta told the world leaders that “they had stolen her childhood.” She was criticized by a certain group and rightly so; because she does not know what it is to really suffer. Poor children in India are abandoned to their fate from a very young age. Children in Syria run away from bombs instead of running behind a ball. Children in Yemen have had their childhood stolen from them by the warlords of Europe and the United States. Compared to these, Greta’s, speech often seems overreacted.
Greta’s problem is that she criticizes in a generalized way without giving names and surnames of those who truly harm our planet, starting with the big corporations. In 1992, Fidel Castro delivered a speech in which he pointed out the the problem from an unsustainable economic system and uncontrolled growth. But his speech remained nothing. Although he presented his ideas with meaning, nobody wanted to hear from the communist whose words would be death to capital power.
Greta has placed a very worrying issue in the eye of the hurricane. We can expect little or nothing from our politicians who support the big polluting corporations in exchange for a briefcase full of green bills. Two cases come to mind. Did you know that not long ago in Spain, there was a sun tax? You could be fined if you had installed solar panels in your house to give energy…. And do politicians want to come and teach us morals? ... In Chile and in other countries, politicians allow large corporations to dry the rivers and leave communities without water. Now those politicians come and make a hungry dog face in the ONU hiding their bad practices in their countries.
What I am sure of is that we, the common people can do a lot for the benefit of the planet. In almost every Latin American city I have been to, people throw trash on the street and on the beaches. They leave the remains of everything consumed during the day. It is easier to make the cold water bucket challenge viral than the challenge of “clean the beaches.” We cannot demand changes from our rulers if we set the example ourselves with something as simple as not throwing garbage. Come on .... Let’s not be hypocrites. It starts with us. In that sense, I hope that Greta’s message has moved us to change our consumption habits, despite everything that is explained in this article.
I would like to leave here the words of Matias De Stefano regarding Greta Thunberg. Matias is the Argentine boy who is revolutionizing the world with the awakening of consciousness.
I would like to make a reflection today on this type of article and comments that I have read, like the one you see in the photo.
WATCH OUT! Because we are in the time of disbelief, even of that which is good, scientific and real.
Criticizing myself for what I am and knowing that I can be calmly insane or easily cataloged from schizophrenia is one thing. But to debate whether or not to believe that Climate Change is as real as the Spherical Earth, I think of those symptoms that they make us live in a historical period in which the lies have been so many that we can no longer believe the truths.
And don’t get me wrong, I am the first to say that there are no Absolute Truths, and that this time invites us to know that everything is a projected and distorted reality, but that distortion only exists because our interior has no clarity.
And all this I say because this doubtful thinking makes us even doubt and criticize the good actions that arise in the world.
In this last time, @GretaThunberg has been spoken of as an icon of the new generations in favor of the correction of Climate Change, who tries to be coherent in mind, emotion and body in the face of such posture, and the news soon appeared that behind it has “green lobbies” and is financed for economic purposes.
When do we begin to mix the struggle to heal the planet with communism or neoliberalism?
What we are looking for is precisely that the economy becomes green, so what would be the problem?
And if an oil company decides to finance her because it decided to change its marketing and company for green ... what would be the problem? Don’t we talk about that? To change? Let’s not lose focus, let’s not lose purpose. Because there are and there will be many more people trying to change the world, and it depends on those who call ourselves “conscious” to sustain them. Do you remember? The Indigos, Cristal, and so many others ... Are we going to let ourselves be devoured by the means that make us want to doubt and criticize those who have come to collaborate with Evolution? Are we going to let archaic ideologies penetrate good deeds?
Let’s reflect ...